Research Park
The iCAM (Carbon Advanced Materials) center will host research professionals from national laboratories, universities, private research groups and manufacturing organizations in both laboratory, pilot-plant and permanent operating facilities.

This facility will foster research that allows  strategic manufacturing partners to conduct applied research and development with one goal: To use the carbon found in coal to create advanced manufactured products.

Manufacturing Center
The iPark center will be a next generation mine-mouth “coal to products” manufacturing facility, with zero net emissions. Located next to the Brook Mine, operations at the iPark will utilize coal from the mine to create high-value carbon products. These include carbon fiber, graphene, graphite, carbon nano tubes, carbon dots, carbon-based resins, carbon based building products, medical products and activated carbon.
Mineral Resources
The Brook Mine comprises over 15,000 acres and contains over one billion tons of thermal coal reserves, and is located on the site of previous coal mines going back to the 19th century. Its coal will serve as feedstock for research and manufacturing efforts at the iCAM and iPark. We will soon file a revised mine permit application with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, with strong commitments to responsible stewardship of the region’s environment.